5 Important Methods To Organizing A 75th Birthday Party

Published: 28th April 2011
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When planning a 75th birthday celebration, it is best to create a visitor list, choose the location, send out invitations, prepare the program, and prepare the meals.

One of the top 75th birthday gifts you may give is to throw a birthday celebration for the celebrant. Based on the celebrant's preference and your spending budget, the occasion can either be a grand birthday bash or an intimate family gathering. Regardless if the occasion is a big one or not, it is vital that it's well-organized and unforgettable. Here are some guidelines you could follow for organising a 75th birthday celebration:

Produce a guest checklist

You will need to have a list of the people you're planning to invite to the occasion so that you could accommodate all of them. Ask the celebrant for a listing of names of friends and family whom she or he wishes to attend the bash.

Choose the place

Search for potential venues that can accommodate all your attendees and still fall fairly within your spending budget. Selecting the location must also fit the theme of the affair. For example, if the bash is a formal affair you wouldn't want to hold it at a laidback diner. Holding the occasion at the birthday celebrant's home may help you lower your expenses, but you need to think about the setup and aftercare services. Furthermore, if you want to make the party at a private house, you should consider community noise ordinances so that you will not disturb neighbours.

Send out invitations

After you have a list of guests and a preferred venue, you may now compose an invitation. Include important details such as the location of the event, the time along with your contact information in case they have any questions. If it's a formal dinner, request that your attendees wear formal dress. Send the invitations out about three weeks ahead of the celebration and request that party guests ensure their presence so you can be sure of the total guest count.

Make the program

Develop a program to emphasize the celebrant's big event. Request that the birthday celebrant's dearest buddies, kids and loved ones make a speech or gratitude for the celebrant. Find a person who will conduct the different parts of the occasion. You may also wish to hire a music group which will play and amuse everyone during the celebration. Provide them with a collection of the birthday celebrant's favourite songs or inform them about the celebrant's preferred music. If you do not have a spending budget for a music band, you may just make a playlist of the birthday celebrant's favorite songs to play throughout the dinner or while the party guests are anticipating the program to begin.

Make the food

You may hire a catering company to handle all the food and beverages for the party. Alternately, you may ask friends and family to assist you make the food for the event. Determine what the celebrant's favourite food items are and if he or she has any eating limitations. Refer to your guest list so that you will learn how much food to prepare for the celebration. You must also think about the kind of occasion you are hosting to decide what food is appropriate.

The birthday celebrant will certainly appreciate the effort you put into organizing the event.

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