Five Tips To Create A Nursery Space In The Master Bedroom

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Published: 07th January 2011
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The following are great tips you can consider to help you set up a nursery space in your master bedroom: choose multi-functional furniture, use a white noise machine to drown out other noise, match baby decor with the theme in your room, choose decor and furniture colors that harmonize with your master bedroom, and use a divider or a floor mat to separate the spaces.

When a new baby joins the family, certain adjustments have to be made at home. When you have limited rooms and space in your home, it might be smart to include a nursery area in your own room. Follow the following ideas on how to make a nursery space which is conducive for you and your baby:

Select multipurpose furnishings

To save space in your room, make use furniture that is multi-functional. You can opt for a changing table that has drawers and the crib which has shelves so that it will take less space. Cribs are also available with removable compartments and other add-on organizers. Aside from maximizing the little space, everything you need in taking care of your baby is within arm's length and is well-organized.

Cover up any background noise with a white noise machine

Unlike in a nursery room that is exclusive for your baby, there are other noises in your room that could make it uncomfortable for baby to rest, sleep, or play. Your television set, radio, and the constant conversations between you and your spouse may cause your baby uneasiness. Utilize a Sound machine which helps block unwanted noises in your room and can help soothe your baby's sleep, especially at night.

Select infant furnishings that go with the overall feel of your room

When your baby decors are coordinated to your room's theme, the design will go well. For instance, if your bedroom's wallpaper has leaf designs, it is recommended to use garden-themed stuffs for the nursery space. You could decorate with pictures of the sun, trees, colorful flowers, a green meadow, and even a rainbow to match the baby's space with yours.

Select decor and furniture colors which matches your master bedroom

You need not decorate the whole room with shades of pink or all shades of blue. The main point here is to select infant furniture that matches whatever you already own. It will be much more pleasing to the eyes this way.

Use dividers or floor mats as separators

To separate your space from the nursery's space in your room, you can use a divider or a floor mat, whichever is more comfortable for you. It might not be imperative, but it can help give the impression of being in another room when you go to the nursery area.

This small, yet lovely, home project need not contribute to your spending worries nor trouble you at all. It is possible to have a small nursery in your bedroom and at the same time save some space by being creative and imaginative.

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