Fun And Exciting Baby Shower Games For Expectant Mothers

Published: 13th October 2010
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It is never easy to carry a child in your womb for the whole nine months. However the joy of a newly born baby can take away all the hardship a mother had experienced for the past nine months and most especially during labor. So it is just right to give mother's to be a nice and entertaining baby shower full with different baby shower games for everyone to enjoy.

Of course aside from baby shower games, pregnant mothers should also be given gifts for the baby to use when he or she says hello to the world. A mom to be would be happier if the gifts she will get are some of the basic necessities of her newly born baby. But then, you can still give any other kind of present your heart desires. As promised here are some fun and thrilling baby shower games that would definitely rock the mother to be's world.

Baby Charade is one interesting game all guests will enjoy. Baby Charade only differs from the usual baby shower games we play by the category of the items that the guests will act and guess. Since it is a baby shower, you can only expect that all items will be about mothering and babyhood. Think of difficult items to be guessed to make everyone think hard about it.

One of the favorite baby shower games on baby showers is the Name that baby Tune. This is just like the one we see on television. The only difference is there is no need for numbers of notes. The host will just play a few lines on the baby songs and anyone who knows the song can answer it. Be sure to prepare a number of songs so you will not run out of it incase the guests would ask for more.

One of the most interesting among known baby shower games during baby showers is the Guess the Celebrity Baby. You just need to get some magazines and collect cutout pictures of celebrities when they were still cute little babies. Show it to the guests and let them guess the baby in the picture. There is also another adaptation on this game. It is called the Mother, daughter, son game wherein the pictures to be shown are celebrities real life sons and daughters. You would need pictures of the babies and also their famous mothers and let the visitors try to partner each pictures.

Baby showers are fun and planning one can be a challenging task. Make sure you host the best baby shower ever for the mum to be by going to our baby shower games site. Everything you need to make a wonderful shower can be found at our site which features theme ideas, baby shower favors, baby gifts and more.

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