How To Clean Teak Furniture So It Lasts A Lifetime

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Published: 08th December 2010
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If you are cleaning your teak furniture you have to get the cleaning materials ready, figure out if you want to keep the original finish or if you want to go for a natural look, apply the teak protectant that has been recommended by the manufacturer or simply use laundry detergent, rinse it with water to remove the patina, use a cleaner that has been recommended and put on a sealer.

Currently a very popular wood for making furniture is teak. It will take a long time to wear out and can withstand all kinds of weather. Teak furniture isn't just functional, it has a genuine aesthetic appeal. Teak furniture has a wonderful look, and this is especially true in the out of doors. However, whether it is Teak Patio Furniture or teak dining room furniture, there is an instant attractiveness that is added by teak furniture used in or out of the house. Once you have chosen the teak furniture you want for your home, patio, or yard, learn how to take the best care of it. When you clean teak furniture, follow these steps.

Get ready with your scrubbing items

The proper way to clean teak furniture is to prepare a laundry detergent and bleach solution, get a soft bristle brush and some water. Teak cleaning items, protectcants and teak sealers are necessary for protecting your teak furniture.

Make up your mind if you want the original finish to remain or choose a natural patina

Figuring out if you prefer the original honey color on your teak wood furniture or if you like a natural patina will be an issue considering the way you will clean it. So that the furniture is kept sealed and protected, some people who own teak furniture keep the finish it came with. But some people may find the soft gray patina, that forms naturally from exposing the furniture to the sun, attractive. Your teak furniture can turn a gray color which then makes it simpler for you to take care of as well as clean.

The teak protectant should be applied

The first product you should use on your teak furniture is teak protectant. Make sure that the entire piece of furniture is covered with it.

Apply some wash machine detergent or a manufacturer-recommended product

Check to see whether the manufacturer has included specific instructions and recommendations for cleaning your teak furniture, such as which products to use when doing so. One way to clean your teak furniture is to mix some bleach and laundry detergent. Blend laundry detergent with water at a ratio of 2:1 for better results. The surface should be scrubbed with a brush that has soft bristles.

Rinse it off completely using water

Be certain to use water to rinse your teak furniture completely. Get rid of every bit of soapy water. If you have decided to allow your teak pieces to develop a patina, you can stop at this step.

Should you wish to get rid of the patina, choose cleaning products that are manufacturer-recommended

If your teak furniture has become weathered or has developed a gray patina and you want to restore it to its original appearance, there are special products on the market made for that purpose. Read the manufacturer's instructions properly to find the right one. After the cleaners are applied, a light sanding is usually required.

Apply the teak sealer

If you want, you can seal the teak wood by applying the teak sealant which effectively preserves the original honey color of your teak furniture pieces. In order to prevent mildew and mold forming, many teak sealers are specially formulated.

If you take care of your teak furniture properly, it can last for years. You might actually be able to pass down your teak wood furniture for future use.

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