Start A Group Home For At-risk Teen Girls In 8 Steps

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Published: 22nd November 2010
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A neighborhood can benefit greatly from the presence of a group home providing much needed services to the residents. Troubled teenage girls can often go to group homes, where the homes work 24 hours a day to provide care, services, and treatments aimed at reversing negative behaviors. There are exceptionally trained counselors and specialized staff to help with mental-health counseling for the young women, and to provide assistance in locating jobs, and assist with educational goals. If launching a group residence for adolescent girls interests you, this is the process involved:

Request the assistance of the Dept. of Health & Human services

Strict regulations apply to group homes so understand and comply with the applicable requirements. Get in touch with the Department of Human Health Services, or whichever government agency handles social services in your area. You should inquire about several important details, including: the total number of kids you may serve, the child to staff ratio, any necessary staff training and the specific requirements that the facility have.

Create a business plan

You must come up with a business plan that goes into detail about the operations, strategies and funding that you want to implement. Whilst starting the group home include an effective vision and mission statement that captures the formative reasons behind your plan. The business plan is the like an application letter, when it comes to acquiring the necessary certifications and monies for your project. In addition, this will guide you toward a direction for the group residential facility.

Make a syllabus for rehabilitation

You must set up a rehabilitation program with pertinent methods, rules and laws in the institution you are establishing. The curriculum should be organized and detailed and incorporate your vision and mission statements. The people whom you plan on hiring as your staff should be put through a training and orientation program. In order to help develop the curriculum, you can contact licensed specialists and experts in the fields of rehabilitation, therapy, education, counseling, and nutrition.

File as a NFP entity

If you register as a non-profit, you will enjoy various tax credits and philanthropic opportunities. This step enables you to obtain any required licenses or credentials. You may also need legal advice.

Select and furnish the appropriate facility with the necessary materials

Make certain you choose a facility that can handle the amount of children you plan to serve. You may need to employ a licensed contractor for the construction of the facility. Be sure you equip your facility with holistic equipment and teaching materiel. The facility should also have clean and comfortable amenities and furniture.

Be sure to get any required licenses and coverage protection

In addition to acquiring a license, insuring the property for fire and liability will also be necessary for a group home to operate legally.

Employ personnel who are qualified

The hiring and orientation system that you previously developed should be used as the criteria you use for deciding which employees you should hire. Be sure to select compassionate individuals who have the necessary skills and qualifications, and conduct background checks on the applicants.

Advertise your services

After your facility has been set up, you may want to advertise it to the community. You must prepare for yourself the necessary papers with the required contact information and interact the knowledge so obtained with local community centers, schools and churches.

Opening a group home is one way to better the community and help people to grow and improve themselves.

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