Two Necessary Points You Should Know Concerning Teenage Pregnancy

Published: 15th March 2011
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Two vital items you need to learn regarding teenage pregnancy include its definition, and also its most typical contributing elements.

Teenage pregnancy is a truly mind boggling situation among adolescents because of the problems that go with it, along with the implications it brings. These are some critical information with regards to teenage pregnancy which can help raise awareness among families and perhaps avoid a complex scenario:

What is teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is commonly known to involve unmarried minors who unintentionally get pregnant. Technically speaking, it's a case of pregnancy prior to a young lady attains her 20th birthday celebration. She can be married or not and may either be a minor or a legitimate adult in her adolescent years, between age 14-19, depending on her region.

What are the causes teen pregnancy

As documented by the Save the Children Foundation, around 13 million children are born to women before they achieve twenty years old. Above 90% of the conditions take place in developing nations around the world, with the maximum rate from sub-Saharan Africa, where women traditionally marry earlier. Here are the basic aspects which generally lead to teenage pregnancy:

* Tradition. Teen pregnancy is typical in some communities since it is their tradition to marry and bear young children early. Now there are actually several regions wherein it is viewed as a boon to own youngsters throughout the teenage years.

* Peer pressure. An additional aspect which causes teen pregnancy is peer pressure. Most pregnant females in their early year of youth claim to have been forced by their companions or even their close friends to have sex. These kids commonly do not understand how to manage this pressure, and declare yes, rather. Nearly all of these teenagers lack an understanding about sexual acts, together with the consequences of teen pregnancy.

* Using meds as well as liquor. Though no research precisely associated the usage of alcohol and also substances, it has been determined that teenagers who are alcohol and drug users are prone to get involved in sexual activities. There are actually certain drugs, however, that have a lesser correlation with the chance of teenage pregnancy, especially those which minimize libido as a side-effect, such as heroin.

* Not enough coaching on protected sex and access to birth control methods. Lots of adolescent children are lacking in knowledge about getting pregnant and the best way to stay away from such an outcome. Pregnant young adults might also be too timid and also hesitant to question concerning safe sexual activity. At the same time they don't really fully understand much about available contraceptives or have poor access to them. Often, unplanned teen pregnancy arises to those people who don't know how to properly apply condoms or who do not have information about the correct use of birth control drugs, causing them to overlook drugs on several days and causing an unplanned motherhood.

* Age gap between partners. Research also reveal that younger ladies in their adolescent years with more mature boyfriends, specially adult men, have a higher risk of pregnancy than youngsters with boyfriends their own age. These partners, yet, normally carry the newborn to term instead of turning to abortion.

* Sexual exploitation. Teenaged women who've been sexually mistreated in their youth also tend to get involved in love-making earlier than people who have not already been abused, causing more recurrent cases of adolescent pregnancy.

* Childhood conditions. Many reports show that teenage girls who're subjected to maltreatment, domestic abuse, as well as family quarrels since earlier childhood days are more likely to conceive. In the same manner, teenage boys with this kind of background will be more likley to impregnate their partners. The cases raise substantially with the depth of the childhood experience.

* Effect of the press. One more aspect affecting the volume of scenarios of teenage pregnancy include the contact with lovemaking activities through the press since childhood. Reports expose that juveniles who are more often subjected to sexuality thru television, periodicals, and other types of media are more at risk of having sex earlier, raising the possibility of teenage pregnancy.

Teenagers require adequate sex training in order to help prevent teen pregnancy. Government and social awareness programs, as well as good communication between parents and adolescents about sexuality, can help reduce teen pregnancy cases.

Written by Danica Reynes.

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